Taxi service in Lethbridge and surrounding areas 24/7, with great promotions and fair rates for round trips to other towns and around Alberta.

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Taxi service in Lethbridge and surrounding areas 24/7, with great promotions and fair rates for round trips to other towns and around Alberta.
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Text message taxi booking now available!

Simply text your location address to 587-320-6164 and confirm and your taxi is on the way. Its that easy!
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All the convenience of booking a taxi without downloading a thing!

We Are Always Available For You

We created our taxi company to help you find the most dependable and highest quality taxi services,
anytime and anywhere in Lethbridge Alberta. All our Cab drivers are professional and fully licensed.


Address Pickup

We always pick up our clients on time, 24/7 availability.


Airport Transfer

We are available 24 hours a day to get you to and from the airport with experienced taxi drivers.


Driver Training

Your vehicle will remain on site and will be readily available as and when required.

long distance

Long Distance

No matter how far you need to go, we offer long distance cab service for client choice and quality.


Have a Question?

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions regarding our cab service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our high-quality office staff will help you and answer all your questions.



Call Us

+1 (403) 381-4444

24/7 Support


    Our Service Areas

    Lethbridge Cabs offers professional taxi and cab hire services in Lethbridge and its surroundings. We can provide same-day, quick pickup services in Lethbridge, Magrath, Raymond, Coaldale, Coalhurst, Coutts, Lethbridge County, and many other locations. Also, drop off locations across Alberta are entertained any day of the week as well.

    Lethbridge Cabs FAQ's

    Usually, a waiting time of 5 to 10 minutes applies. However, the waiting time depends on factors like distance to pick up location, traffic situation, and emergencies. Lethbridge Cabs offers quick response taxi Lethbridge service for all requirements.

    Peak periods are often from 7:30 am – 9:30 am and 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, and the number of taxi requests goes up during this time. Also, more traffic on the roads affects our taxi Lethbridge service. However, we will guarantee the best solutions for all cabs near me searches in your city.

    Of course. The driver is there to serve you, the customer, and to make your ride comfortable. Your requests regarding radio stations, heat, air conditioning, windows, seat adjustments, or route to your destination will be entertained. Lethbridge Cabs guarantees the best taxi Lethbridge service for all requirements, any day of the week.

    Lethbridge Cabs Policy as well as Alberta law does not permit drivers to use cell phones. Therefore, we restrict all drivers from using the phone while driving. Our safe taxi near me in Lethbridge service guarantees safety and peace of mind for all our clients.

    Please call us at 403-381-4444. Noting the cab number, time of day, and/or pick-up destination will help seek out your item. Lethbridge Cabs is the best and most reliable cab company Lethbridge offering safe, secure, and reliable service for all requirements, all year.

    Lethbridge Cabs accepts all major credit cards and of course, cash. It is up to the customer to determine which method is most convenient for them. Our cab company Lethbridge offers the best and most convenient service for all requirements.

    Each of our drivers must have the taxi-host level i and ii or taxi-host pro program as mandated by the Passenger Transportation Board and Canadian Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSE). The program teaches drivers not only the fundamentals of finesse behind driving a cab but also about how to properly tend to elderly and disabled passengers. All Lethbridge Cabs drivers are also required to pass a criminal record check through our local police to receive the required city-issued chauffeur’s permit. Finally, all operators are taught and tested on the local route knowledge for the fastest routes to get to all destinations. So, when looking for the best cabs near me, give Lethbridge Cabs a call.

    There’s no need to wait until the last minute to call a taxi. You can book your ride ahead of time, and we’ll be there to pick you up on schedule. We can book taxi Lethbridge rides in advance for any time except New Year’s Eve, during severe weather conditions, or unforeseen circumstances like public transit break-downs.

    Please note that pre-booking does not guarantee a taxi. It simply allows you to place your request at a more convenient time. Your Lethbridge Cabs taxi will likely be on time during non-peak hours. But during peak hours, the waits can range from 5 – 30 minutes depending on conditions.

    All cabs have at least 4 seatbelts and can carry a minimum of 4 passengers in addition to the driver. Our wheelchair-accessible vans carry one wheelchair and up to 4 additional passengers. Other vans carry up to 6 passengers. We provide convenient taxi near me services in Lethbridge for all requirements.

    Yes, we offer both jump-start and courier services. Lethbridge Cabs can offer jump starts and deliver packages and other items just as easily as we deliver people. Save yourself time by calling us to pick up and deliver your parcel, liquor, food, or other items at an affordable price. Our taxi Lethbridge service provides the best solutions in your city.

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