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The taxis arrive in two main varieties. They are public hire and private hire vehicles. Public hire vehicles are mainly used without earlier booking for taxi services. These taxis are generally booked anywhere and hopped into it. The public hire taxis are the ones you would often locate parked at the taxi stands of bus stations and railway stations. But, the best mode of availing the service is by booking a cab beforehand to avail the best services of taxis in Lethbridge, AB.

There is no doubt for the passengers that the public taxi can transport. The private hire ones can start catering to the individuals who would make a reservation earlier for the taxis. The reservations are made through the online website or their phone application according to the facility offered by the cab services. The private ones cannot pick up passengers who made no prior reservations.

The primary difference between them is that while the private ones are available only through bookings, the public hire ones can pick up passengers on bookings and even from the taxi stands. The private hire insurance is a bit higher than the public ones in a few instances.

Identification of driver for a personal taxi on hire

The driver who plans to drive a personal hire taxi should have their unique license enabling him to operate the private taxi. The license gets issued by the department of the state after a proper analysis of the driver’s skills and history. They need to undergo a specific test before they are permitted to drive the private hire taxi.

When applying for personal hire insurance, the insurer will examine the license before deciding on any other factor. Furthermore, the private driver will supposedly wear the license badges tagged along with their identity while driving the passengers. The driver is also responsible for maintaining a proper log with all the details regarding their passengers, like time of pick up and places and drop off, along with their phone numbers and addresses.

Vehicle Identification for a personal taxi on hire

The initial protocol for the private taxi is to never advertise the reality that it is a cab. The public hire cabs should alternatively paint the taxis black or yellow as it relies on the state’s guidelines. Therefore this symbolic ad is restricted for private hire. There are insurance companies to inspect the fact before issuing private hire insurance.

Fine imposed for breaking rules

The personal hire cabs must follow the above rules to qualify for personal hire insurance. Breaking these protocols would result in additional legal fines, and the driver might face a fine if they fail to carry their badge with them or maintain a proper log.

Varied private insurance coverages

After making sure that your cab is qualified for personal hire insurance, you should decide on the type of insurance you need. Liability insurance is mandatory by law, and you can pick between third-party personal hire insurance, comprehensive private hire insurance, and third-party fire and theft private hire insurance. It depends entirely on the requirements, as the taxi owner should decide on the right insurance coverage.


Lethbridge Cabs Services is a rapidly growing online cab booking and hire service committed to offering door-to-door online taxis in Lethbridge, AB. The cabs offer the best ride experience and comfort, meeting every safety requirement, and all the booking system information is available on the website!

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